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Brian Trammell


Creating beautiful spaces and working in the yard is something I have been passionate about since I was a young boy. Growing up on a farm many days started before dawn, I would be dripping in sweat by midday, but the day wasn't done until the sun had set. Some days were spent turning the compost piles, others tending to our horses, but most of the time I could be found making new vegetable and cutting gardens for my own enjoyment and to help feed the family.

Since my parents had land to spare, I had free range to landscape as I wanted and make as many mistakes as I wanted. Those mistakes took money out of my savings, so I learned fast! Today I practice "right plant, right place"-- this rule guides my decision making when designing a space. I know, you want ferns in your front yard where you have a hot, full sun western exposure and roses in your partly sunny eastern exposure, but it just AIN'T A HAPPENIN. I want to create a well-thought out space for you that will take care of itself and last for decades.


As of late, I've developed a keen interest in our native plant species. If you keep up with the science, or if you have two eyes I'm sure you've noticed an alarming decline in our wildlife. Our local fauna depend on our local flora and clean water. Many of our native plants are underutilized and/or unknown in the trade, which is a shame because they really stand out when used in the landscape. Google "US native azalea" if you don't believe me!


When I'm not in the yard I spend my time on the water, hiking, camping, and training for my next imaginary half marathon in front of the TV!

I hope you choose to use Cahaba Landscape Restoration Inc. for your landscaping needs in the future. I would be thrilled to work with you and promise to bring my hardworking attitude and love of nature to your space to create a place you will truly love. 



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